Registering To Use

The Meat Content Calculator is a transaction based program which can only be accessed by Registered Users. Registration and purchase of transactions must be completed in advance to allow access. Each time you perform a meat content calculation a transaction will be deducted from your total. When you have no transactions left access to the program will be suspended until you purchase more.

To purchase transactions please ring +44 (0) 121 251 4000 and ask for the Advisory Team.

Transactions are sold in packages and their price depends upon the volume purchased and whether you are a member of Eurofins and/or the British Meat Processors Association. All new registered users will be emailed with a copy of the BMPA Code of Practice, which accounts for the price differentiation for non members and reflects the benefits of either BMPA or Eurofins membership. Qualifying members of either Eurofins or BMPA will receive the benefits of additional transactions for the transaction fee bands. In addition, members of Eurofins and the BMPA can obtain advice from their member organisation on the interpretation of the legislation and formulation of their products.

The list of products represents the different packages available for purchase. These can be added to your shopping basket and then paid for by credit/debit card or invoice (UK only). If you are a current Eurofins client or paying by credit/debit card, access should be available within 48 hours (Monday to Friday). If you are a new client and wish to be invoiced, delays may result in setting up and authorising your account. If you wish to receive the more favourable membership rates you must provide the relevant membership number on the information form when registering.

Once membership information has been checked and payment cleared, a username and password will be emailed to the address given when you paid. For security reasons, this is the only way that usernames and passwords will be issued. Usernames and passwords cannot be changed.

If you have problems accessing the site or making payment please contact our Helpline on +44 (0) 121 251 4000 and ask for the Advisory Team. Please note that this Helpline will only provide advice on registering and accessing the program and will not provide assistance in the formulation of products or interpretation of results.

Purchasing additional transactions is the same as your first time purchase but instead of being issued a username and password you will be notified by email when your payment has been processed so that you can then access the program again with your existing username and password.

For security purposes, no data is stored on the website. Once you have completed your calculation you must print off your results before exiting or moving on to the next transaction.



Contact Us

T: +44 (0)1902 627 200 and ask for the Advisory Team