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The Meat Content Calculator is compliant with The Food Standards Agency Guidelines on the Labelling and Declaration of Meat Content in Meat Products . Any future changes in these guidelines will be reflected in this software.

Summary guidance notes have also been produced for bakers and butchers.

Amendments to the European Labelling Directive have resulted in the need to harmonise the definition of meat across Europe. This new definition attempts to ensure a common standard for the declarations of meat content on pre packed meat products.

Because the new European meat definition is more restrictive in terms of fat and connective tissue than previous compositional standards, the majority of your pre-packed meat products will require re-labelling.

The BMPA currently publishes standards for the acceptable levels of fat, pork rind and other collagenous materials in meat and meat products, which gives guidance on how fat and connective tissue in recipes can be evaluated.

Using these standards in the form of a database in conjunction with a computer program, meat content of your products can be quickly calculated by entering the recipe details onto a website. At a touch of a button the meat content, fat and connective tissue values are all available to assist you in the labelling of your product.

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